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Memory Care

The path of caring for those with Alzheimer's and related memory disorders can be challenging in many different ways. The only acceptable answer to this challenge is to meet it with a personalized approach to care. Each resident has a service plan that has been developed by our management team. This service plan includes carefully thought out care, meal options, and activities that stimulate each individual resident.

Care with you in Mind

Loved ones
Senior walks

Like everyone, those with Alzheimer's and related memory disorders have good and bad days/nights. As a result, our team needs to be flexible at all times. Being flexible means we will change an activity if the one planned is not working. Being flexible means we will make a different meal if needed. Being flexible means we get to know our residents well enough to make a change to accommodate their need, whatever they may be.

Flexibility is the Key

Since the success of caring for those with Alzheimer's and related memory disorders is so closely related to knowing your loved one, we need you to be involved. From the beginning and throughout your loved ones stay with us, we will be asking you detailed questions about them. The more we know the more we can create a home for them and you. Our goal is to make you a part of our family and us a part of yours.

You are the Key

Senior Family
Senior living

Before our new team members start working with residents they are taught about Alzheimer's and related memory disorders. This training includes techniques to assist the team with different behaviors such as exit-seeking, wandering, combativeness, and frustrations the residents may manifest. By using the tools our staff are given they can make a difficult moment for a resident turn into a positive loving moment.

Specialized Care-Givers

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